What does wellness mean to you?

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The MS Society recognizes the importance of, and need to, fund research that is focused on wellness, such as:

  • the impact of physical activity on MS symptoms
  • the role of diet in terms of causation, treatment and/or prevention of MS
  • the emotional and mental effects of MS

But what should be the priorities in wellness research be? What outcomes should the research we fund lead to? We need you to help inform these questions and voice your opinion based on your personal experiences with MS.

What matters most to you in terms of wellness? What do you want to learn more about? What do you think is necessary to improve wellness in MS? Share your feedback by responding to our Wellness Survey and help shape the future of research! Follow the conversation on Twitter and share your thoughts using hashtag #WellnessMS!

On behalf of the MS Society I thank you and look forward to reading your responses!

2 thoughts on “What does wellness mean to you?

  1. Reg Bavis

    I have had ms since95 I use to do a lot of deer hunting in N.B. where I was born , and wonder since my syntomes are not like most ms people I am not effected by heat and most ms people especially in the group I attend are not effected their speech or memory it makes me wonder if I might have Lime desiese Reg Bavis

    1. Jason

      Hi Reg,

      I would say it’s quite possible that you have Lyme or a similar tick borne illness depending on your symptoms.
      People with “MS” are sometimes misdiagnosed…
      With MS, no two peoples symptoms are the same just as is the case with Lyme.
      Lessions on the brain are oft seen in Lyme sufferers just as with MS.
      My wife was daignosed with MS 15 years ago. Thanks to Ashton Embry, his son and many others who think outside the box, she changed her diet and has been basically symptom free for 15 years.
      I myself have been having Lyme like symptoms now for over a year. (abnormal fatigue and a sudden onset of sore muscles and joints) I tested negative here in Canada but that is almost to be expected because the current Lyme test is notoriously flawed.
      I did however test positive (via Canadian tests) for Bartonella and Erlichiosis which are two common co-infections of Lyme. I then had my blood tested by Igenex in the States and came back positive for Lyme.
      I’m not completely convinced I have Lyme (no test is 100%) but am treating it with a herbal protocol and diet changes… so far so good… Getting better slowly but surely.
      There is plenty of info online about the similarities between MS and Lyme / tick bourne illness…. a lot of it seems like BS but a lot of it is useful info that you may find helpful. It is notable that there are studies showing that people who died of MS often actually had Lyme… or were also infected with Lyme.
      If you don’t already, I highly recomend focusing on diet as you move forward.
      Your immune system’s health runs parralel to your gut health! Your gut is the engine for your immunity.
      Check out Canlyme.com
      Best of luck in your healing journey.


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