Hot off the press: Canadian researcher receives funding for progressive MS research through MS Society-CDRD partnership

Craig Moore Pic iceberg

Dr. Craig Moore

It seems like yesterday when I met with the Centre for Drug Research Development (CDRD) to discuss a potential partnership that would bolster efforts in translational research for MS. Today, that partnership has taken an important step as the first project focused on progressive MS is funded.

This work, funded by the MS Society and led by Canadian researcher Dr. Craig Moore from Memorial University in Newfoundland, was selected from over thirty applications that were submitted to a request for proposals launched earlier this year.

Dr. Moore will look closely at inflammation in the brain and how it leads to tissue injury. Using this information, he will identify therapeutic targets that can promote repair, which is essential to halting MS disease progression and restoring normal functioning in people who are affected by both relapsing and progressive forms of MS. What is most unique about this project is it will be undertaken at CDRD’s fully-integrated drug development centre in Vancouver, with input from scientific and business experts who have the capacity to take Dr. Moore’s discoveries through the steps needed to develop treatments for MS. This is especially critical for people with progressive MS, who experience significant challenges due to their advanced disability.

CDRD scientist

Researcher at CDRD

Funding this work marks an important step in the continuing collaboration between the MS Society and CDRD, which was formed with the objective of accelerating the development of safe and effective treatments for people living with MS. By working closely with CDRD, and funding Dr. Craig Moore’s innovative research, the MS Society affirms it’s commitment to support research that will improve quality of life for people with MS, and uncover clearer answers about why progression occurs and how it can be controlled.

3 thoughts on “Hot off the press: Canadian researcher receives funding for progressive MS research through MS Society-CDRD partnership

  1. Lisa

    Hello my name is Lisa and I am 46 years old and I need help getting diagnosed for ms . I have so many issues that are the same with ms . I had a neroligical episode in April and I have had mri and neg . But I have painful spams in my legs and can’t walk upstairs . Feels like story ache all the time . My neck nerve pain is so bad I have a hard time keeping my neck up . My fatigue is so bad and I am dizzy . I have had every test all neg so it leads to ms . My gp will not refer me as I have seen a neroligist all ready . I need to see a ms doctor . How can a women that lives in canada not be able to see a ms doctor . Ms is bad disease but I can’t function . Please can you help me ?

    1. drkarenlee Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your question. Some of the symptoms you have described are also commonly seen in other conditions. The best approach from here may be to seek a second opinion from another physician. He or she may conduct additional tests that will help them to determine next steps. If all of the tests suggestive of MS are coming up negative then you will need to continue working with your doctor to figure out what is causing the symptoms, and in the very least they should be trying to manage the symptoms, especially pain, fatigue and dizziness. I hope this is helpful.

      Dr. K

  2. Sue Hickey

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2013. I have lots of world travel experience and lived in South Africa and the Philippines! Where I got sunshine all the time! Of course I spent in UK, Germany, France and Russia – not good for MS people because sunshine is not great there.


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