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ECTRIMS 2018: Updates on cognition in MS

cognitionCognitive impairment is a common symptom experienced by people with multiple sclerosis (MS), affecting quality of life and ability to work. Treatment strategies to manage cognitive dysfunction are an unmet need and viable solutions are still required. An area of considerable interest at the #ECTRIMS2018 congress was cognition and the importance of finding solutions to improve cognitive difficulties. Researchers addressed some important questions on this topic

What can alter cognitive function in people with MS?

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ECTRIMS 2018: Catching up with the MS-Society funded collaborative team that is working to improve cognition in people with progressive MS

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada announced last month a $5 million grant in support of the first, international, multicenter clinical trial to investigate cognitive rehabilitation and aerobic exercise in improving cognition in people with progressive multiple sclerosis. Want more information on this trial? Check out the blog or MS Update. The research team had the opportunity to catch up with quite a few of the members coordinating and researching this project as they gathered at #ECTRIMS2018 to discuss project details.

Feinstein group 2

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