Monthly Archives: December 2018

I’m moving…. to the MS Society of Canada blog!

with careFor over five years my goal has been to provide you with an insider’s view on research. This ranged from ground-breaking research to existing studies, introducing you to researchers in the field, and reporting on the MS conferences that I attend. I’m excited to continue this journey at the MS Society of Canada blog: I hope you will join me there for all future posts on research.

We have exciting news, announcements, and information coming your way in the next few weeks and in the new year! The MS Society blog is a great place for you to not only get information on research but also on advocacy, the MS community, education, living well and more. You’ll already see all my posts from this year on the MS Society blog. The majority of the content from my blog will be available in French too.

subscribeI can also understand that you may have just been interested in learning about research, so, we have a way for you to do that as well. Subscribe to the mailing list and stay in touch by getting email updates on all the categories or just research! We’ve tailored it so people can continue to follow just me and my research updates or all posts from the MS Society of Canada. Please note that you will NOT be automatically subscribed to my posts, so you must go and subscribe.

My current blog will still be accessible for another month or so as we work to transfer all posts to an archived folder on the MS Society blog—you’ll still have access to all this valuable information there! Once moved, we will automatically direct you to the new site.

But for all new posts from me, go to the, scroll down and subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any important information or news. See you there!