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World MS Day: Celebrating research that advances independence for people affected by MS

Image credit: MS International Federation

Image credit: MS International Federation

Since 2009, people around the world have marked the last Wednesday of every May in their calendar as World Multiple Sclerosis Day. Launched by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, World MS Day is an annual campaign that supports and connects the 2.3 million people living with MS across the globe with the goal of raising awareness and taking action to end MS.

This year’s World MS Day revolves around the theme of independence. For some people living with MS, independence means not having to rely on others for anything. For others, it means having the freedom of choice, even if one of those choices is accepting the support of others. Every person has their own definition of what independence means to them, and this year we’re celebrating all forms of independence for all people affected by MS.

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AAN: New answers to old questions about risk factors and disease modifiers

The precise causes of multiple sclerosis continue to baffle the scientific community, although in general most researchers agree that a combination of genes and environmental factors appear to play a role in influencing the risk of developing MS. In those people living with MS, there is a great deal of research ongoing that’s looking at different types of exposures that can impact the course of the disease, such as the rate of relapses, severity, and progression. At AAN, a handful of researchers took to the podium to present their latest findings about the genetic and environmental factors that affect the risk of MS and play a role in modifying disease course.

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