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MS Wellness Survey results now online

Last summer, the MS Society of Canada reached out to people affected by MS with the MS Wellness Survey, an online questionnaire designed to shed light on the needs, practices, and gaps related to nutrition, physical activity and emotional wellbeing through an MS lens.

Respondents were asked about which areas of wellness are most important to them, if/how they incorporate wellness practices into their daily living, what challenges they face when trying to improve their wellness, and what kind of wellness research they are most interested in. Respondents were also asked to put themselves in the shoes of a researcher; this “thought-exercise” gave them the opportunity to be imaginative by designing their own experiment or experiments that examine aspects of wellness and answer key research questions that are most important to them.

The survey received an overwhelming response from the MS community, drawing responses from over a thousand people affected by MS from across Canada.


Infographic breaking down the key findings of the survey analyzed from 1,032 responses (margin of error: ± 3.0%, 19 times out of 20)

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From trainee to translational research leader: An interview with Dr. Veronique Miron

A few weeks ago, the MS Society announced the recipients of two translational research grants provided through a partnership between the MS Society and Centre for Drug Research and Development (CDRD). Dr. Veronique Miron, Principal Investigator at the University of Edinburgh, was one of two researchers selected for funding for her translational research in progressive MS (catch up on translational research on my Research Decoder).

Now that the dust stirred up by the announcement has settled, we had an opportunity to (virtually) sit down with Dr. Miron and ask her about her fascinating research as well as the inspiring story of her career in MS research, from an MS Society-funded trainee to a talented principal investigator and translational research leader.

Dr. Veronique Miron

Dr. Veronique Miron

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