Monthly Archives: January 2016

Annual Research Competition reviews wrap up

The review meetings for the Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Annual Research Competition took place last week, with the research department firing on all cylinders to oversee the review of over 150 MS research grant and award applications. Every year, the MS Society convenes research and clinical experts from a wide variety of backgrounds – including imaging, molecular biology, neuroimmunology, and rehabilitation, to name a few – as well as community members who are affected by MS to carefully dissect each application to assess scientific merit, feasibility and potential impact of the research on treatment and quality of life. Together, these individuals form what we call “review committees”.


The Personnel Awards Review Committee deliberates applications from Master’s and Doctoral students as well as Postdoctoral fellows

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MS Research Year in Review: 2015

The year 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the approval of the Advancements in the last two decades have led to faster diagnoses, better symptom management, and real hope that ending MS within our lifetime is achievable.

On top of celebrating past successes, 2015 saw real advancement in the areas of progressive MS, wellness, and discovering more about the possible triggers of MS. Here is a rundown of the research I found most exciting in 2015.


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